Pueblo city councilor deplores “infanticide pandemic” at the opening of an anti-abortion center for pregnant women


Several elected officials spoke at the inauguration of an anti-abortion center in Pueblo last month, including a Pueblo city councilor who compared the COVID-19 pandemic and the millions of deaths resulting from the virus to what he called the “infanticide pandemic”. . ”

“As a community, and rightly so, we cry and feel bad about the deaths from COVID-19 and what is happening with this pandemic, but in reality this pandemic of infanticide that is unfolding in United States of America for years and decades and decades must come to an end, ”Pueblo City Councilor Mark Aliff said at the opening of the new A Caring Pregnancy Center (ACPC) facility. “Thank the Lord, there are ministries like this that share the love of Jesus Christ with people in their darkest hours and bring them to a place where abortion is no longer an option. “

When asked to clarify what he meant by this comparison, Aliff told the Colorado Time Recorder via email, “In my comments, I had hoped to compare death to death, not the corona virus to abortion. As I said in my comments, I was blown away by the statistic of 1800 abortions in the ACPC service area in the past year, unlike the 350 deaths attributed to the virus at the time in our community since it emerged. As a community, we should be shocked by both.

Some of the event attendees and speakers, including Aliff and CAAA Executive Director Tamra Axworthy, were not wearing masks, according to a Facebook video of the Pueblo Latino Chamber of Commerce.

The CAAA is one of the dozens of anti-abortion pregnancy centers in Colorado, who are almost three times as numerous as abortion providers, a similar ratio to the rest of the country. These organizations offer various free services like pregnancy tests and ultrasounds while aiming to prevent people with unplanned pregnancies from having an abortion, sometimes deceiving those requesting an abortion by setting up next to abortion clinics. and promoting misinformation about abortion.

For example, CAAA website lists many “risks” of abortion, most of which are either completely unfounded Where refuted. This includes various cancers, a host of psychological side effects, and even death.

Presenting abortion as unsafe is a key tactic for anti-abortion pregnancy centers, when in reality legal abortion is very safe – safer, in fact, than having your wisdom teeth removed or having a colonoscopy.

State Representative Stephanie Luck (R-Penrose) and Pueblo County Commissioner Garrison Ortiz also spoke in support of the ACPC at the event.

“We are always happy to financially support these efforts through the City and County of Pueblo,” said Ortiz, a Democrat. CAAA receives funding through Pueblo’s community service grant program.


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