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As Executive Director of the Alpha Omega Center, Sarah Bowen oversees the pregnancy resource sites in New Castle, Slippery Rock and Sandy Lake.

Now she is also starting to have a national presence.

Bowen recently wrote “Courageously Pro-Life: Equipping Believers to Transform Our World,” a 12-week Bible study designed to take “believers on a journey that will result in a new commitment to be” courageously pro-life. “

Released in November, this publication – which features both a teacher’s manual and a student workbook – seems to be getting a lot of attention.

“We have had churches across the country who have chosen it and used it,” Bowen said, adding that it has been approved by the National Institute for Family and Life Advocacy, Heartbeat International, Passion Life and the Institute for Faith and Freedom (formerly the Center for Vision and Values) at Grove City College.

Bowen writes that “the church is the answer to the abortion question,” but says such an approach does not minimize efforts to push for pro-life legislation.

“They go hand in hand,” she said. “We have a lot of believers working to get pro-life legislation and to have legislation that protects women and children, and they are definitely a part of it. But what I mean when I say the church is the answer to the abortion problem is that God expects us – His people, the believers – to deal with it, not push it out. the general population or on non-believers.

“For us to be the answer to this problem, we need to have education. And that’s why I wrote this book.

This education, Bowen said, includes understanding what the Bible says about abortion and the sanctity of human life.

“We also need to understand the history of abortion,” she said.

The seeds of Bowen’s pro-life passion were sown when she was 12 and was trying to win a contest in her church for reading the most books. Non-fiction books received twice as many points as fiction, which led to a book on abortion that “broke her heart.”

She then obtained a degree in human services from the College of Geneva in 2009, but along the way she had to complete a 270-hour internship at a local human services agency. Bowen ended up in what was then called the Pregnancy Resource Center in New Castle, where she continued to serve after graduation. Eventually, she became the executive director of the center and then merged it with another pregnancy medical center, Alpha Omega.

The center recently opened its third location, a Sandy Lake facility that joins its New Castle and Slippery Rock counterparts. While this keeps his plate full, Bowen also strives to get the centre’s message out on the road.

“I like to speak in churches. I like to work with churches. I like to share about the ministry, ”she said. “But I just realized that I didn’t have enough time to teach what I needed to teach, to answer the questions people were asking.

So she created the program to share.

She is also working with Heartbeat International to create a class that will use her curriculum to educate new staff in the organization.

The book is available on and, as well as on the Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites. All profits go to Center Alpha Omega.

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