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Christmas came early this year for the Citrus Pregnancy Center.

The nonprofit faith-based ministry recently received a grant from the Southern Baptist Convention’s Psalm 139 Project that provided the center with a new ultrasound machine.

The grant also covered the costs of delivery, installation and a week of training for nurses at the centre.

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Additionally, the Psalm 139 project enabled the Citrus Pregnancy Center to purchase a second ultrasound machine at a discounted price.

“What a blessing! Both offices, Inverness and Crystal River, are now equipped with the latest technology which allows new mums and dads to see and meet their baby as they grow safely in the womb,” said said Barb Gosa, executive director of the Citrus Pregnancy Center.

“The ultrasound room is where we see miracles happen,” she said. “Families facing unplanned pregnancies have so many serious hurdles to overcome. But when they see this baby – their baby – on screen, everything changes as they experience love at first sight. They are then open to hearing about all the help the Citrus Pregnancy Center can give them and discovering other incredible ministries and agencies in our community who are also available to help them.

Citrus Pregnancy Center has been in Citrus County since 1999, helping families facing unplanned pregnancies.

At the center’s annual fundraising gala in November, Gosa said the highlight of the evening was the “Celebration of Families.”

“Women and men, along with their babies and children, came out and guests got to see the real impact Citrus Pregnancy Center has on our community,” Gosa said. “The youngest baby was 3 weeks old and the eldest was 17. Seeing the generational impact of the Citrus Pregnancy Center on families brought many guests to tears.

Parent clients of the center participate in the parent training program; dads can also attend fatherhood training.

All of their services, including pregnancy tests, limited OB sonograms, parenting training, adoption education and more, are provided free of charge to their clients and are all 100% confidential, Gosa said.

The Citrus Pregnancy Center is located at 3185 E. Thomas St., Inverness. Phone: 352-341-5176. The Crystal River center is at 726 NE US 19, Crystal River. Phone: 352-228-4909.

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