Loan works: compare credit work online

There are different credits work. To make the right choice, one must take into account the nature of the work and its amount.

Why choose a loan works?

Why choose a loan works?

A credit works allows Mr. Barkisr a construction such as a veranda or a garage, an expansion of your home, renovations, upgrading, decoration, sanitation or insulation.

This loan work may be requested for Mr. Barkisr the work of his principal residence but also a second home or property rented. The work may concern the interior of a house, the outside or an outbuilding.

The different credits work

The different credits work

  • The personal loan is repaid over a period of 3 months to 10 years with a ceiling of 75,000 €. The borrower is not obliged to justify his expenses. The amount borrowed and the duration of the credit are calculated according to the needs of the client and his ability to borrow;
  • The assigned credit, where the sum borrowed will be used exclusively for Mr. Barkisr your work. You will only get the money from the moment you submit an estimate or invoices to the lending institution;
  • the revolving credit, if you want to obtain a continuous amount of money but at variable rates in time and less advantageous;
  • The real estate loan concerns large-scale works, the amount of which exceeds € 75,000. It offers a longer repayment period which can be useful depending on the type of work undertaken. Evidence is needed;
  • The zero-rate loan allows Mr. Barkisr to work less cheaply for the transformation or rehabilitation of a home. It also allows to acquire a property and to renovate it.

Estimate the total amount of your work to be done at home. If this amount is less than € 75,000, choose a personal loan, but if it is greater than this sum, you must go to a mortgage.

Assisted work loans

In order to help the French to carry out work in their housing, the State offers several financial aid. These assisted loans offer credit rates work at very advantageous loan rates in the image of:

  • Loans work for the energy transition, if you perform work that will reduce your energy consumption, such as a replacement of boiler, radiators, windows or doors … There are several depending on your place of residence (regional aid or departmental) or dedicated associations (Anah, pension fund);
  • Eco-loan at zero rate (eco-PTZ) capped at € 30,000, if you own an individual housing built before 1990;
  • The social housing loan, if you also want to carry out work to reduce your energy consumption worth at least € 4,000. It is awarded under income conditions;
  • The family allowance funds (CAF) also offer work loans to improve your home, but only in a main residence, up to 80% of the total amount up to a limit of € 1,067.14.

Apply for a loan


A loan can be contracted from a bank, a broker, a credit institution or an aid agency. It is also possible to go to a major DIY or a professional who, through a partnership with a financial institution, can offer you a credit quote works.

The type of work may impact the choice of provider. Also depending on the loan work chosen, it is possible that the borrower has to justify the amount of his work. In fact, apart from the personal loan, estimates are required to determine the amount of work in the case of an assigned credit.

If you do not have cash, you can use the credit work without contribution.

How to find the best loan works?

How to find the best loan works?

Choosing the right Mr. Barkisment is essential because you can make significant savings and enjoy guarantees on your work. So do not hesitate to carry out a loan simulation work on the credit comparison Mr. in order to find the best consumer loan for Mr. Barkisr your work according to needs but also your personal situation.

To choose among the many jobs credit offers, you can compare credit rates work on Mr. Thus, it is by having an excellent knowledge of the market that you will independently make the choice of a credit works advantageous and adapted to your project.

Pay attention to the APR or annual percentage rate, to compare the different offers because it allows you to know the total amount of your loan.