Loan Insurance – Comparative

We compare many loan insurance contracts

We compare many <a href=

We work with the most successful borrower insurance companies on the market.
We study your needs, your profile and your budget and look for the most suitable contract for all of these criteria.

Price is not the only criterion to take into account

Indeed it is not all to look for a price, even if it is important and even if it is one of the criteria that we take a lot into account, it is necessary that the guarantees are equivalent to those of the group contract that proposes to you the bank on the one hand, and that the guarantees protect you and your family on the other.

It is important to choose your warranties and your quota

Thus we will help you to choose which guarantees to subscribe (death/total and irreversible loss of autonomy, incapacity for work, disability, insurance loss of employment …), which periods of deficiency and deductible privilege. We will also advise you on the amount to be insured, on exclusions that should not be conceded. In case you present an aggravated risk, we will direct you directly to the right contacts so that you do not waste your time to question companies that do not offer the appropriate contract for your problem.

As an insurance broker specializing in provident and loan insurance in particular, we select the best contracts from the most reliable companies on the market. These contracts have many more, discover them by clicking on this link.

We assist you in your steps

money steps

We will assist you in all steps of your case since the submission of the application to the insurer until you obtain your certificate of membership. We will help you to do the right steps in the right time to get your membership certificate as soon as possible.

In another register, we also advise you to use a broker for your mortgage because you will be also assured of getting the best rate. So you can add the savings: better rate of insurance borrower + better rate of mortgage = the certainty of finalizing your financing with the TEG (Global Effective Rate) the cheapest!