How to pay off debts and not get dirty name?

Currently, the number of debtors reaches 63.4 million people, according to the Credit Protection Service (SPC). Being with the name dirty represents for many people embarrassment, especially if it is for factors like unemployment or health problems.

The dirty name listed in the SPC, Sasara or CCF prevents the person from making installments purchases, credit restrictions, loans or financing. 

So we’ve listed some tips on how to pay your debts and do not end up with the dirty name. 


Tips on how to pay your debts

Tips on how to pay your debts

1. Use technology to your advantage 

In digital times we have several financial management applications, which can help in the task of financial control, help save, cut costs or remodel your routine. Use them to your advantage.


2. Do not make new debts 

It seems obvious, but avoid buying products or contacting services in this indebted period, as it will only tighten your budget even more. Ask for help from family members, if you are a compulsive buyer, break credit cards or ask someone to hide them and hand them out only in emergencies.

Also stay away from loans, discover the causes instead of pursuing this option, try to find control of your financial life.

Control your debts by cutting simple expenses from day to day.


3. Change of habits

Reduce spending by making routine cuts, even if it’s simple things. Review the Internet plan, pay-TV, fixed-line / cell phone, plus simple everyday habits such as: decreasing bath time, avoiding the open refrigerator, washing clothes every day or having lunch outside the home.

Renegotiate old debts, especially those that have assets as collateral, such as: home, motorcycles and land. 

Initially seek to focus on basic debts like water and energy, for example, and then for larger debts like credit card interest. 

Look for extra income, save money and collect even pennies, at this time it is important to gather all the necessary value to get out of debt. 

Try alternatives like internet freelancing, weekend tips and other ways to get extra money. 


What is debt expiring?

What is debt expiring?

That’s when the debt is 5 years old. When this occurs it can no longer be in the Sasara databases, but that does not mean that it does not exist anymore. The charges will still come up with interest.


Did not you make the debt?

Did not you make the debt?

Every 16 seconds there is an attempt at fraud in Brazil, according to Sasara. 

There are a number of identity thefts reported, so it’s important to check with your CPF regularly, which helps protect your name from such fraud. 

There are two types of services offered by SPC Brazil to help people who have lost their documents, the SPC Document Alert and the SPC Warns you that when you contract you receive information whenever your name changes. 


Can I use payday loan?

Can I use payday loan?

Many people take paycheck credit as a solution, but it is not recommended as it actually works as a loan in which installments are deducted from your salary. 

And in times of a volatile economy, if you are fired, for example, a percentage will be deducted from the severance pay to repay the loan, and if it is not enough you will have to renegotiate the debt at higher rates. 

Remember, you are trying to eliminate your debts and not create new ones. 


Debt swapping or credit portability 


In this mode, you transfer your debt from one bank to another. The new lender bank will clear the outstanding balance with the other bank and you will have to pay this new loan with cheaper rates.

It is a difficult option to get, because it depends a lot on your relationship with the bank, in many cases they end up not authorizing this type of transaction. But it’s hard to try, go to your agency and talk to your manager.


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